Office 365 or G-Suite, Why SMBs Choose Office 365

Office 365 or G-Suite, Why SMBs Choose Office 365
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Productivity tools such as Word processing and spreadsheets have become a vital part of daily workflows for all businesses. As Microsoft continues to grow and businesses increasingly seek cloud-based resources with familiar user experiences, many companies adopt Microsoft Office 365. There are many reasons why SMBs often choose Microsoft Office 365 as opposed to other cloud services such as Google, some of these reasons are;



Both Office 365 and G-Suite ensure your business’ sensitive data is secure, however, Office 365 tends to offer stricter security measures to protect users against cyber threats. Office 365‘s enhanced security offering includes some anti-spam and antivirus protection, encrypted access to data and enhanced security with Multi-Factor Authentication.

Microsoft Office 365 is committed to confidentiality, integrity and availability, allowing business continuity to be unaffected in the event of a data breach or physical disaster.

In relation to G-Suite, although Google adheres to a single privacy policy, which is shared across business and customer apps. Due to this, Google’s data protections may not address certain business security requirements.


Innovation has always been at the core of Microsoft Office 365’s success. When investing in Office 365, businesses are not only investing in current services but also the services that Microsoft will develop over time.

As of yet, Google has yet to invest as much as Microsoft in solutions, which has encouraged many users to switch from G-Suite to Office 365.

Choosing the right IT Partner to assist you in migrating to Office 365 is a very important choice for your business. Partnering with HCS Business Solutions can ensure your cloud migration journey is as seamless as possible. HCS Business Solutions is a Microsoft Gold Partner with many years of experience in Microsoft Technologies. To learn more about Office 365 and cloud computing contact our team!


Office 365 ‘s products and services have been refined and grown over decades of use and user feedback. At the moment, Microsoft is one of few cloud service providers that offer a financially backed service level agreement (SLA) when any Office 365 product drops below 99.9% availability.

Office 365 allows users to scale products up or down, depending on the business need. These web-hosted services enable businesses to maintain low costs while fixed-price plans easily allow companies to plan and budget for the future.

Unfortunately, Google’s G-Suite reliability is not as responsive to users needs, as Google does not recognise downtime until a minimum of 5% of its user base is affected.


Users of Office 365 enjoy a consistent experience across Office 365’s various platforms and devices, both online and offline. The familiarity of Office 365 is one of the reasons Office 365 is a favourite amongst SMBs worldwide. Office 365’s functionality should also be noted as being superior in cloud technology, allowing users to access documents anywhere, at any time and on any device.

In comparison, G-Suite has a relatively inconsistent user experience across services, which causes users to become less productive. It currently has limited offline capabilities, which tends to restrict users who wish to access data when on the go. Users may also encounter problems when sharing documents as Office 365 documents cannot be shared to G-Suite unless converted to Google’s native format, which may lead to formatting issues.

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