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SharePoint Online 2014 – the new way to work together!

SharePoint Online 2014 – the new way to work together!

 SharePoint Online 2014 – the new way to work together!

SharePoint online helps businesses Share, Organise, Manage and Discover your company’s information from documents to databases online and in one single place enabling you to work faster, easier and smarter!

  • Do you want to collect information remotely from field engineers, sales reps, employees or customers?
  • Are you in the service industry and require your staff to complete surveys, installs, worksheets, inspection sheets?
  • Do you have sales reps on the road that take orders, update stock sheets or capture key customer information?

If you answer yes to any of the above questions, we invite you to attend our upcoming seminar, where our team will demonstrate the power of SharePoint Online and show you what it can do for your organisation.

Our next SharePoint Online event is in the Tower Hotel Waterford in the 18th April.

Event Details: Date: Thursday, 18th April 2015 Time: 08.45am to 12.30pm
Venue: Tower Hotel, Waterford – The Dunmore Room

Contact our dedicated and experienced SharePoint Team on 01-8734120|051-595200 to see how SharePoint will transform the way you and your business do things for ever.

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