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Remote working at it’s best!

Remote working at it’s best!

It’s 14:20 on 1st March 2018 and the HCS offices are closed since yesterday morning when the first of the snow hit, but that doesn’t mean our business was closed.  Using the technology at our disposal all our staff have been working from home for the last two days as normal. Yesterday alone we dealt with over 100 calls into our service desk and so far today it’s been a bit quieter with only 45 calls logged since 8.30am this morning.

Using our Zultys phone system our service team are using the Zultys mobile app to receive, make and transfer calls in the exact same way as if they are in the office. Our remote access tools and the fact that the majority of our systems are in the cloud means we can function as normal but just in a different location.

Here’s a collage of the view from our countrywide office locations today,  I wonder what it will look like tomorrow.


We are hiring – Office Administrator (Sales Team)

We are hiring – Office Administrator (Sales Team)

HCS Business Solutions are now looking for an Office Administrator to join our sales team. Based in Waterford this is a fantastic opportunity to work in a fast paced and rapidly growing company within the IT sector.


•Receive and respond to customer telephone calls/e-mails and to ensure they are dealt with to the satisfaction of both the company and the customer

•Process customer orders in an efficient and timely manner

•Monitor and progress all new orders, keeping the sales managers/sales executives informed of any delays or availability for early delivery

•To interact with Customers and Suppliers to develop relationships and maintain brand loyalty by providing feedback and solutions on customer issues as they arise.

•Dealing with Engineers and Customer queries, in particular that stock, delivery, pricing and invoicing queries are handled and resolved efficiently and accurately.

•Raising and processing of Purchase Orders

•Provide admin support to the Sales Managers and Sales Exec’s


•The ability to work, communicate and deal with people at all levels, both inside and outside the business in a professional manner.

•The job holder must be able to prioritise their own work load at all times, frequently reacting to unexpected variances in demand.

•They must remain calm under pressure and have the ability to multi-task whilst remaining professional, this role involves supporting customer demands in a variety of ways.

•Be proficient in working with Microsoft Office software, Word, Excel, Outlook

•Have an understanding of accounts systems such as sales order processing and purchase order processing.

•Previous experience in a similar role is desired.

Career Level
  • Experienced [Non-Managerial]

Candidate Requirements

  • Minimum Experience Required (Years): 1
  • Minimum Qualification: Level 6 (incl Higher Advanced Certificate & National Craft Certificate) OR CUSTOMER SERVICE, OFFICE ADMINISTRATION, SALES ADMINISTRATION
  • Ability Skills: Administration, Computer Literacy, Sales/Marketing, Technical IT
  • Competency Skills: Flexibility, Teamwork, Time Management, Working on own Initiative

Apply here or send CV to

GDPR – Let HCS protect you.

GDPR – Let HCS protect you.


The IT industry has latched onto GDPR over the past 12 months and  HCS have deliberated about it’s position in regard to this topic. We have finally found our niche.  As Microsoft Gold Partners HCS have aligned to Microsoft’s thinking on how to approach GDPR i.e. Discover, Manage, Protect and Report.  If you haven’t heard about GDPR then take a look at the website from the data commissioner here in Ireland.




Any data that helps you identify a person is deemed as personal data. Such as Name, Email address, Social media posts, Physical, physiological or genetic information, Medical information, Location, Bank details, Ip address, Cookies etc. This data may be stored in emails, documents, databases, removable media, metadata, log files or backups.


Once you have identified the data what policies are in place for data while it’s in transit or at rest. Storing data, recovery of data, retaining data, archiving and disposal of data. Is this data classified and labelled by sensitivity (public, company, confidential). Do restrictions apply to users and administrators of this data?





Protecting your data is where HCS can help you to become compliant for GDPR. GDPR raises the bar in terms of the efforts every company must take to protect data regardless of their size. Working with Microsoft and Fortinet primarily, HCS have a range of security solutions and services that will secure and protect your data. HCS’s first step is to appraise your current levels of security and protection with our TechSecure- GDPR Protect audit. This audit will appraise your current levels of data protection and will provide the necessary steps you need to take to become compliant.




The final phase of GDPR is reporting and proving that you have complied with the legislation. Records need to be kept and GDPR needs to be constantly reviewed to ensure you stay compliant.

HCS are working with a number of customers at the moment to achieve GDPR compliancy at the protect layer. In January 2018 HCS will be offering TechSecure GDPR Protect audits on a wider scale  to help and advise customers on how to secure and protect their personal data.  If you wish to start your GDPR compliance journey today call any of our team to discuss further on 051-595200/01 8734120. GDPR will not go away and the deadline is now less than 6 months away (May 25th 2018),  don’t put off the inevitable.

Email threats – How to spot the most common forms

Email threats – How to spot the most common forms

Phishing…Pharming…Viruses and Worms…OH GOSH!

These cyber security terms might not mean much to you now but, if your business is faced with potential threats, you will no doubt want to know what’s what and, more importantly the most effective ways of protecting your business and its data.

Firstly, creating a better level of general internal awareness amongst your employees to prevent malicious emails infiltrating and affecting your IT systems is a good start. Encouraging each employee to keep vigilant to the different types of spam emails which are doing the rounds, will help protect your business not only from the most recent ransomware attacks, but also from spoofing and phishing emails that can cost your business thousands of euros.

 Here are some tips and pointers to guard against the most common forms of email threats:


A classic example of a “spoofing” email seemingly comes from a work colleague. It will try to trick you into believing the email is genuine. And these criminals are really, really, good at it! However, there are tell-tale signs that can let you know it’s not a genuine email.

  1. If the email appears as if it is from your colleague, check to see if it contains your company’s email signature. If not, this should be flagged as suspicious.
  2. Does the subject line or email link contain your full name in the greeting? If it does, it should be flagged as suspicious.
  3. Look at the sign off from the sender- if the email was genuine from a colleague then it is likely they would sign off in a less formal manner using their first name only. Flag it as suspicious.


These are usually from a trusted source such as your bank or some government body, seemingly flagging that your urgent attention is needed such as for a payment which has not been received or to inform you that your account has been suspended. The sender will want you to click a link, provide your username and password or act on other instructions provided within the email.

However, again there are tell-tale signs that this could be fraudulent:

  1. The email has been sent without any personalised information, poor spelling or grammar. Whenever a large company sends out an email the message is usually reviewed for spelling, grammar and legality amongst other things. So, if a message is filled with poor grammar, or spelling mistakes, it most likely did not come from a major company. Do not open it!
  2. The email includes suspicious attachments – it would be highly unusual for a legitimate company to send  you an email with an attachment, unless it’s a document you have a specially requested. Do not open it!
  3. Something just doesn’t look right – if something looks odd, there is probably a good reason why. Use your judgement, if a message seems suspicious, it’s usually in your best interest to avoid acting on it. Is the email telling you that you have won a competition you have never entered? Is the email asking you to make a donation? Is the email asking you for personal information? Be sceptical when it comes to your email and the different threats which may lye within. If it looks even remotely suspicious do no open it!

Example below:


Additional security features are a must! – It always helps to have an additional layer of protection in place.

In addition to learning how to spot a malicious email there are other things you can do to better protect your company. We recommend Microsoft Exchange Online Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) which helps protect your email against unknown malware and viruses. In the event that you accidentally clicked on an email you thought was legitimate, ATP is there to detect and stop the malware from launching and executing. It can be purchased and added to your existing Office 365 subscriptions, or it can be rolled out on premises along with email filtering software.

Call us today to roll out ATP for your email.   Tel 01 8734120 / 051 595200

If you are concerned with any additional security threats or issues in your organisation please enquire about our TechSecure Audit. We can cost-effectively improve your company’s security.

More information on our TechSecure Audit is available here:


Latest Cyber Attacks Update from HCS Business Solutions

Latest Cyber Attacks Update from HCS Business Solutions

We believe that there’s a huge positive to come from the recent global ransomware and cyber attacks. This may sound perverse, however the huge media attention given to cybercrime and its consequences has placed the topic of IT Security at the forefront of everyone’s minds and that has got to be a good thing. We’ve now passed the point of no return and IT Security has to be a major focus for business owners and managers going forward, we’ve had our warning!  We really do hope the you give it the attention it deserves and trust us that the recommendations we are making are on the basis of protecting you and your business.

In our experience of dealing with Ransomware and cyber attacks on a weekly basis over the past 24 months, 99% of the time it’s initiated from an email that contains attachments or links and a user has to click on it to start an infection. Alternatively it comes from browsing the internet and clicking on a malicious link.

The following is a listing of ways you can help protect yourself and your business from such infections.

If you are on Office 365 for email and have the add on for Advanced Email Threat Protection then you have done as much as you can, if you have not then we would strongly recommend you implement it straight away. If your email is not in Office 365 then we are limited in the amount of protection we can provide hence why we believe moving to Office 365 for email is more secure. More information on Advanced Email Threat Protection is available here

If you have a Firewall with a UTM (unified threat management) subscription which limits your employees access to only sites in certain categories e.g. (education, health, general etc.) then you have limited your exposure significantly. To really protect yourself, we would recommend you also filter out unrated sites and adopt an approved list of sites that will build up over time. This does curtail internet access significantly but it will reduce your risk of getting a ransomware attack even further.

Should users require more open Internet access then let them connect via their smartphones only either on 4G or over the Wi-Fi.

If your internet is unfiltered then it’s only a case of when someone clicks on a link that they shouldn’t, you will be infected with some form of Ransomware.

Other ways of protecting your business against cyber attacks:

Human Firewall:
Use this opportunity to get the message out to staff to “Think Before You Click”. Call a staff meeting this week, send emails, talk to everyone individually and make them aware that they play a huge role in protecting your business. Your computer users are your last line of defense.

Windows XP PC’s:
If you have any PC’s in your network running anything other than Windows 7 or Windows 10, then get it isolated from the network immediately and disconnect it from the internet. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Windows Server 2003 or older servers.
If you have any servers in your network running anything other than Windows 2008, Windows 2012 or Windows 2016, then take if off the network immediately and disconnect it from the internet. NO EXCEPTIONS.

To Patch or not to Patch:
In an ideal world every server, PC and Laptop should be patched with the latest updates from Microsoft.  However the impact of doing patch updates on your IT systems is generally not good especially if you are not up to date with the latest version of your business software (eg. Sage, Navision, Drive, Keyhouse, Opera etc). We would recommend that all PC’s/Laptop’s are patched with the latest updates and that a choice has to be made with servers. Our attitude on this re servers is patch what you can and limit your exposure. The impact of patching servers will mean downtime, but it’s got to be accepted within your business if you want to stay protected.  For now, get windows updates on all PC’s and Laptop’s.

If you do get infected the backups are your only fail safe. Check you backups, know what’s been backed up, monitor it and test it regularly.

Finally, if you feel that you have done everything mentioned above, there’s probably no more you can do. The threat of cyber attacks are not going to go away and from what we see the attacks are getting more brutal.

IT Security has to be a topic of discussion regularly between your management team, employees and HCS. We have worked with a number of customers over the past 12 months who take IT security seriously and we have devised a security audit which focuses on securing and protecting your business against cyber attacks, malicious intent and disasters. The audit reviews every aspect of your business with regards to IT security and data protection. The output of the report is generally a listing of recommendations and policies that you need to put in place or action to become more secure and protected. The audit generally take about 2 to 3 days to complete depending on the size of your business. More information available at

We hope you find this information of benefit to you. Please call HCS Business Solutions on 01 8734120 | 051 595200 or email to ensure your business is protected against cyber crime today.

Be informed, be Secure and protect your business – Be TechSecure!

Protect your email against sophisticated cyber attacks

Protect your email against sophisticated cyber attacks

Keeping your data protected from constantly evolving, aggressive malware threats is a worry for companies of all sizes these days. Email has become so critical to day-to-day business that hackers cleverly and frequently infiltrate internal networks via email, embedding harmful malware and other programs with false promotional emails or company communications. With one click, an unsuspecting user can download a number of harmful viruses and unknowingly compromise their companies data and their systems. With these seemingly increasing brazen cyber attacks, its very hard to stay ahead of the game. However, Microsoft Office 365 have added another very welcomed layer of must-have security to defend against these digital threats.

Microsoft have developed Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) which will provide additional real time protection to your email. It compliments existing security features within Office 365 to give two, distinct categories of protection – Safe Links and Safe Attachments. It will also provide rich reporting functions, offering you greater understanding of your businesses threats.


Safe attachments:

Safe attachments is a feature that protects against unknown malware and viruses within your email attachments. All suspicious email content goes through a real time malware analysis to be evaluated and screened, they are then opened in a secure Microsoft area and any unsafe attachments are isolated and destroyed before reaching your mailbox.  If no suspicious activity is detected the attachment is released and delivered to the mailbox with the original message.

Safe Links:

Safe Links evaluates a link in an email message in real time to determine whether the link is safe or contains harmful content. If the link is deemed to be unsafe, the user is warned not to visit the site or informed the site has been blocked.  If the destination is safe the user is redirected to the original website.


Advanced Threat Protection also provides reporting and tracking capabilities to give you valuable insight into who is being targeted in your company and to gain a better understanding of the level of attack your company is facing. This information can then be used to prevent further attacks and avoid placing your data and systems at further risk.


ATP is an add on service to all subscribers already using Office 365. The capabilities of ATP make it an ideal solution to protect your business from cybercriminals looking to gain entry through your email. It costs as little as €1.70 per user per month to properly safeguard your mailbox and lower the risk falling victim to malicious activity beyond your control.

I am sure you will agree that having an advanced multi-layered approach to help protect your business against the risk of cybercrime and suspicious activity is an absolute must and for this reason we strongly recommend you implement Advanced Threat Protection immediately.

Please call HCS Business Solutions on 051 595200 or email to protect your business against cyber crime today.


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