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Keeelings Zultys Case Study

Major Irish national producer and distributor of vegetables and fruit chooses Zultys. The Keelings family story began in 1896 on a farm in the Donabate area of County Dublin. The current farm was established in 1926 and from the early 1920’s to the late 1960’s, rhubarb was one of our main crops. In the 1930s, Keelings began growing fruits and salads and supplying them to local Dublin markets. They first planted strawberries in 1937, with Bramleys following in 1949. Keelings have continued to grow, and source the very best quality fresh produce for their customers to enjoy. The Business Need “Our 3Com NBX primary PBX had gone end of life and we needed to replace it with a system that incorporates all the new Unified Communications features and functionality on offer today.” said Tony O Connor, IT Manager for Keelings. “ Another important area for us was our fruit and veg contact centre. The call volume was increasing and we needed better call management and communications systems to be abel to handle the increased traffic. I was conscious however, that with big brand name phone systems came significant upfront and ongoing costs so I was prepared to carry out an indepth analysis of the market to find the best solution for Keelings”. The Solution – Zultys MX250         One of Zultys’ unique selling points is that its’ PBX systems comprise of just one device. These devices incorporate all functions of the system whereas big name competitors use multiple servers and devices to achieve the same thing. The advantage of a single device is simple management and simple disaster recovery. Another...
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Smartply Zultys Case Study

Smartply Europe Ltd: Global Irish producer of sustainable, highly engineered Plywood chooses Zultys. SmartPly Europe Ltd are part of the Coillte and Medite group of companies. SmartPly ToughPly is a fully certified, legal and sustainable OSB alternative to tropical plywood. The highly engineered and enhanced moisture resistant double – sided, pre coated structural OSB3 panel is designed for a variety of timber applications. SmartPly’s manufacturing plant and sales office is based in Waterford, Ireland with additional sales offices based in UK and mainland Europe. THE BUSINESS NEED “Our 3Com NBX primary PBX had gone end of life and we needed to replace it with a system that embraced and incorporated all the new Unified Communications features and functionality on offer today so as to future proof our business” said Ger Behan, IT Manager for Smartply. “I was conscious however, that with big brand name phone systems came significant upfront and ongoing costs so I was prepared to carry out an indepth analysis of the market to find the best solution for Smartply given our requirements and budget, I had a number of key questions? ” Key questions for Ger Behan were ; 1) Is it a refined and seamlessly integrated solution? 2) Is the solution simple. Can I manage it in-house? 3) Is it value for money in todays market? THE SOLUTION – ZULTYS MX250 One of Zultys’ unique selling points is that its PBX systems comprise of just one device. These devices incorporate all functions of the system whereas big name competitors use multiple servers and devices to achieve the same thing. The advantage of a single device...
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Red Mills Zultys IP Phone System Case Study

Connolly’s RED MILLS, a global Irish producer of high performance equine feeds and pet food chooses Zultys IP Phone Systems. The name you can trust when it comes to producing premium high-performance equine feeds and pet foods. Connolly’s expertise in research and innovation has been built up over five generations and is supported by some of the most technologically advanced plant and processes in the world. The customer base is global ranging from the UK and Ireland to continental Europe, the USA, Japan and the Far East. THE BUSINESS NEED “We’re a company that has always embraced new technology to improve our products, processes and customer experience,” said Gareth Connolly, Sales and Marketing Director for Connolly’s RED MILLS. “So we’re very aware of the benefits we could achieve through having integrated contact center (ICC) functionality on our phone system. We just weren’t seeing the benefits materialise with the phone system we had implemented.” Connolly’s RED MILLS were not seeing the benefits of the system they had implemented in terms of cost or functionality, and in addition to this, the smooth running of their vitally important contact center was being affected and that’s when they decided they needed a better solution. THE SOLUTION – ZULTYS MX250 – INTEGRATED CONTACT CENTER (ICC) The Zultys team at HCS audited Connolly’s business communications requirements and designed a solution that would result in both better performance and functionality with an immediate return on investment. Downtime was not an option, the implementation had to be seamless. The team at HCS built a complete solution in their advanced ICT test lab and the changeover to the...
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Camida Office 365 Case Study

Camida are a successful Irish based company which sources, manages and delivers specialized chemicals, through an international network, to global markets. Camida’s customers are instantly recognizable as many of the world’s most prominent chemical companies. “We recently moved to Office 365 and it has literally opened our minds to a new way of working!” – Deirdre McGrath, Company Secretary at Camida. THE BUSINESS NEED In the chemical industry there is an abundance of paperwork and documentation relating to regulation, product specification, health & safety and compliance. Camida needed a solution that could centralize this information and make documents easy to update, and keep current, whilst being accessible to employees, customers and suppliers. The solution needed to be simple and totally secure for Camida’s international corporate customer base. THE SOLUTION – OFFICE 365 SHAREPOINT ONLINE Using Office 365 SharePoint Online, the HCS SharePoint team created a Camida intranet to centralize and store Camida’s documentation. HCS created individual, customized, customer portals so that each customer could access current documents related to their product purchases. Each portal is fully searchable using any criteria, by date, product code, part number, batch number and vendor. HCS also implemented a HR application, a holiday application workflow and a SharePoint application which allowed Camida to streamline and improve the administration of their quality management systems. THE BENEFIT With the introduction of Office 365 SharePoint on line the company now has a central location for key documents with full control using version history. Current documents are readily accessible to Camida and its employees and customers have their own unique portal with full search capability for accessing current...
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HPMP SharePoint Case Study

Established in 1976 High Precision Motor Products (HPMP) is an automotive parts and service provider with over 30 years of experience offering innovative solutions to complex and standard automotive problems. HPMP cover a range of vehicles for the automotive industry including the fire service industry and other specialist vehicles. “Office 365 SharePoint Online has transformed the way we deal with paperwork…. We don’t have any now” – Sandra O Reilly, Finance Manager, HPMP.  THE BUSINESS NEED  In the fire service industry documentation relating to health & safety, compliance and certification is critical and collection of data in a timely and accurate manner is key. For example, HPMP have a process where staff collect information on customer sites relating to fire engine ladder inspections. The form is completed manually and at the end of the project delivered to head office where it’s manually processed. After inspection, a certificate is created, printed, and inserted into a customer’s folder in a filing cabinet for later review and audit. The quality of paperwork is often poor due to illegible hand writing and there can be long delays in receiving the paperwork. Processing ladder checks and certificates took too long and this was limiting opportunities to utilize staff more efficiently in the field.  THE SOLUTION – OFFICE 365  The Office 365 team at HCS reengineered the manual process using SharePoint Online. HCS created a company intranet for field staff to access, complete and submit ladder inspection forms from their devices. The internal administration of the whole process is now carried out by office staff in SharePoint using workflows which have now fully automated the certification...
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Managed Print Case Study : HCS/OKI & O’Neill Foley Accountants, Kilkenny.

Managed Print Case Study: O’Neill Foley Chartered Accountants. Founded in 1952, O’Neill Foley is one of the largest independent firm of Chartered Accountants in the South East. Its services include audit, accounting, tax, internal audit, corporate governance, payroll, business recovery, wealth management and corporate finance. Typically, the accountancy business is heavily paper-based with large swathes of material being printed every day and O’Neill Foley is no different. The company has 40 staff and five partners that are spread out over different floors in open plan offices. One of O’Neill Foley’s main issues was that its printers and copiers were getting old and clunky. Access was also a problem as employees had to move from floor to floor to get certain documents printed, scanned or copied. Additionally a device capable of handling volume was also becoming a problem. According to Amy Maclean, systems manager for O’Neill Foley the accountancy firm had a printer on each floor and two photocopiers in addition to a couple of laser jets, all different models and under diverse service contracts. With printing carried out throughout three floors the older machines were causing difficulty with only some of them capable of pushing through any sort of volume. “It was getting to the stage where, with four open plan offices, people had to go up and down floors to photocopy and scan and really the machines we had weren’t capable of dealing with it.” Maclean said the firm wanted devices that “did everything” printing, scanning and copying but could also cope with volume. “Also, we wanted to standardise it so everyone was getting the same training and...
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Fitzwilton Hotel Unifi WiFi Case Study

Fitzwilton Hotel, Waterford City, implement revolutionary new, price disruptive, WiFi system! One of the finest hotels in Waterford city, with an envious location for other Waterford hotels, the Fitzwilton offers complimentary on-site parking with only a 2 minute walk from the Waterford City main Train station & Bus station. The Fitzwilton is arguably one of the finest luxury hotels Waterford has to offer with comfort and style that is second to none. Pictured L-R: Sean Hegarty, HCS Director & Geoff Dawson, Sales & Marketing Manager at Fitzwilton Hotel. THE BUSINESS NEED: “We’re a business that has always embraced new technology to keep up-to-date and to improve our levels of service and overall customer experience,” said Joe Matthews, General Manager of the Fitzwilton Hotel “We’re very aware of the importance to customers of having WiFi access, and not just WiFi access but excellent WiFi access and at no extra cost to our customers! Our old WiFi system not only wasn’t performing but it did not have the functionality and features that we required going forward and that’s when we contacted HCS Business Solutions to discuss our problem.” The Fitzwilton WiFi system was old technology and the WiFi coverage was limited. These two factors inhibited a positive customer WiFi experience. In addition, the WiFi system had no central management capability and no user logging and tracking features which meant that the system would not meet standards required by new European legislation requiring organizations to keep and retain records of internet usage. Any proposed new solution would have to meet these new requirements, and critically would have to be cost effective and...
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