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What are you missing? OneDrive for Business

What are you missing? OneDrive for Business

In a recent blog on “What are you missing from Office 365 and Azure”, I mentioned a number of products and benefits that businesses should consider. I plan to delve into a number of these over the coming weeks and months, today I am concentrating on OneDrive for Business.

What is OneDrive for Business?

OneDrive for Business is a place where you can store, sync, and share your work documents and files.  OneDrive for Business lets you update and share your files from anywhere using any device. With your Office 365 subscription, you get a massive 1tb of storage just for you.  That’s a HUGE amount!

If you already have an Office 365 subscription and are not using OneDrive for Business then starting using it today, here’s how.

Sign into your Office 365 portal at and open your app launcher in the top left hand corner and select OneDrive.



This opens OneDrive as follows…..



What can I do with OneDrive for Business?

1. I can create new documents directly in the browser.
2. I can upload documents from my computer or network.
3. I can open documents and view/edit them in the browser.
4. I can share documents with others (even those outside my organisation) and either allow them to view or edit them.
5. I can have an offline copy of all my docs available to me on my local computer by choosing the sync button. (This is my favourite feature of OneDrive for Business and it makes it very familiar and fast to work with documents.)

How to Sync.

When you choose to sync your OneDrive for Business documents, this installs the OneDrive for Business App on your PC and it makes a copy of your documents on your local PC. Any changes you make are then kept in sync so that you are always up to date. The biggest advantage of this is that if you have slow broadband then you can work on your documents on your local PC and they will sync up when it can.

This is what it looks like…



OneDrive for Business on your Phone.

The OneDrive for Business (called OneDrive in the app stores!)  app is available for Windows, IOS and Android and it allows you to open your documents stored in your OneDrive for Business account from your phone.


Get started

If you already have an Office 365 subscription and are not using OneDrive for Business then start today using the above brief instructions. If you want more detailed instructions review the following;

What is OneDrive for Business?
Sync a library to your computer.
Share items in OneDrive for Business.


If you don’t have Office 365 or OneDrive for Business and are interested in discussing further then contact HCS today.

What are you missing from Office365 and Azure?

What are you missing from Office365 and Azure?


What are you missing from Office365 and Azure?

The cloud was on the ground in Waterford last week and my sense of humour got the better of me and I couldn’t help but tweet some humour for a change on the cloud!

Whatever about the low lying weather clouds, I hope it’s not here to stay, but the technology term “the cloud” is. HCS have been advocates of cloud computing for many years and it’s now at the forefront of every conversation we have with our customers and prospects. Our cloud offerings are all based on Microsoft, Why?

1. Microsoft’s focus is primarily on businesses.
2. Microsoft offers choice of both on premise or cloud.
3. Microsoft is the “staple diet” of the vast majority of servers and desktops so therefore it’s a natural progression to consider cloud.

While some businesses have moved forward and are benefiting from Office365 and Azure, there is still a lot of you that haven’t. So what are you missing? Read below to learn what you are missing out on.



This isn’t an exhaustive list but it will give you a flavour of what you might be missing out on if you are not using Office365 or Azure.


What are you missing?

Hosted Email
• A more accessible and reliable email service.

Office 2016
• Keep up to date with the latest versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc. on up to 5 of your devices.

• Ability for teams of people to share documents and team/project information in one location and have it accessible from anywhere, using any device, at any time. SharePoint is your central point for sharing information!

Skype for business
• The opportunity to collaborate with colleagues, customers and suppliers direct from Microsoft Office using Instant Messaging, Tele-calls or Video.

OneDrive for business
• A massive 1Tb of personal storage space for your documents and have them accessible from anywhere, using any device, at any time.


What are you missing?

Azure VM’s
• Need a server for a short period of time or longer but don’t want to buy one? Then rent it by the hour.

Azure AD
• The ability to have a single sign on for both your on premise network and your cloud network.

Azure Storage
• The ability to add additional cloud storage to your servers or SAN for data that you want to retain.

Azure Backup
• The ability to backup up your servers, desktops and laptops into the cloud.

Azure Site Recovery
• The ability to have a replicated copy of your on premise server or servers in the cloud meaning you can switch to the cloud and continue to run your business should any disaster happen.

Azure Multifactor Authentication
• Concerned about security, implement two factor authentication to control access to your on premise and cloud data and applications.

Azure RemoteApp
• Make on premise Windows applications accessible from anywhere, using any device, at any time.

Azure Websites/Apps/Databases
• Deploy and build custom built Websites, Apps and Databases in the cloud making them accessible from anywhere, using any device, at any time.


If you want to stop missing out contact Neil, Dan or Sean today on 01 8734120/051 595200.

Online Data Backup – Why you need it?

Online Data Backup – Why you need it?

This blog post entitled “Online Data Backup – Why you need it?” was written by Neil Phelan, Director at HCS Business Solutions.

E: Neil’s LinkedIn ac. Neil’s Twitter ac.


In a recent blog post by Sean Hegarty, he described various data backup strategies for SMB’s and why one needs to review, monitor and test your backups. My focus for this blog post is primarily on Online Data Backup for SMB’s and why you need it. If you want to see more of Sean’s post see it here.

What is Online Data Backup and why you need it?

Online Data Backup (or sometimes known as Cloud Backup, Remote Backup) is the backup of your data from your server or desktop into a data centre over a network connection. For most SMB’s this network connection is usually a standard broadband connection that has limited uploads speeds.

While I am a huge advocate of online data backup, it is my experience that most companies only backup their most critical data online. This is usually their accounts, line of business database, payroll, important files and email. The reason for this is usually due to the limited network connection. There’s only so much data you can push up on an Irish broadband connection!

By backing up only your critical data that does leave you with a requirement to backup other data and system files on your server or desktop to prevent against disaster. I will leave this for now though as on-premise backup is for another blog post in the future.

With Online Data Backup, if you have a major disaster then your most critical data is safe in a data centre waiting for you, and this is why we believe you need it.

Where is my data stored?

Now that you have allowed your most valuable asset outside the four walls of your premises, it is critical that is stored safe and secure in an environment that you trust.

HCS recommends and uses Microsoft data centres to mind your data. If you would like to read more about how Microsoft will mind your data, read here.

It has been our experience when having conversations with prospects on this topic that other IT Service Providers don’t use data centres to store your data. In fact they are backing up your data onto their own servers on their premises. While trust is paramount you really have to ask the question is your data safe?

We don’t take chances with your data, nor do we want to risk any relationship that we have with our customers for the sake of making more profit, that’s why we use Microsoft data centres and trust them to mind your data.

How much does it cost?

You can purchase online data backup in blocks of 50GB costing €35 per month. In the SMB space where HCS primarily operates, it’s our experience that customers will consume either 50GB or 100GB per month. If however you have more than 100GB, the cost per GB will decrease as your data footprint increases.

What to do next?

If you’d like the peace of mind to know your most critical data is safe, contact us today on 051 595200/ 01 8734120 to discuss your requirements. If you mention that you read this blog post on your enquiry then we will give you the first month FREE.


We’re Hiring

We’re Hiring


Position: Sales Support/Administration

What we are looking for:
We are looking for someone who can add value to our existing Sales Team in order to further develop and grow in a very competitive market. In order to succeed you will need to:

• Be customer focused & have a personable telephone manner.
• Have a hard working attitude and be willing to work on your own initiative.
• Be willing to learn and grow as a valued member of the team.
• Have excellent organizational skills and be able to manage your time efficiently.
• Previous office experience would be ideal.
• Must have commercial working experience.
• Have an interest in IT and good working knowledge of Microsoft Office.

• Processing of sales quotations requests, orders and purchasing of items ensuring to secure the best prices to maximize profits.
• Sourcing new products and special offers, working closely with suppliers.
• Working with all other members of the financial, operations teams to ensure customers deliveries are prompt and efficient.
• Assisting the Sales Account Managers to support multiple customer accounts in all areas of sales promotions and activities associated with creating additional sales and profit for the company.

What we can offer:
The successful candidate will gain experience in all areas of the business including Sales, Customer Service, Purchasing and Logistics in a fast paced IT environment. A fun and challenging role in a rapidly growing company in the Irish IT Sector.

Send CV to

Moving to the Cloud, how much does it cost?

Moving to the Cloud, how much does it cost?

Moving to the Cloud, how much does it cost? This is a question HCS are often asked and the following is the answer we provide. “It depends on what you mean by moving to the cloud.”

“Moving to the cloud” is such a broad statement that could mean Private Cloud or Public Cloud.  Without getting over technical Private Cloud is expensive and usually reserved for bigger companies whereas Public Cloud is value for money (better term than cheap!)  Most SMB’s that HCS deal with opt to utilise Public Cloud.  (It’s a bit like the difference between owning an electricity station or buying electricity or why buy the cow when you can buy the cheese).

Microsoft Office 365 is a public Cloud Service provided by Microsoft (another is Microsoft Azure) that provides a suite of services such as Exchange Online (Email), SharePoint Online, Skype for Business, OneDrive for Business, Office Software (Word Excel, PowerPoint etc.) in a monthly subscription paid for on a per user basis.

From conversations with prospective Office 365 customers and industry feedback, many customers were convinced of the benefits but were very concerned about the costs of moving.  One particular prospect was being charged a monthly subscription of €31.00 to utilise the Office 365 service for email for 10 users but the cost of getting there was nearly €3,000. This cost immediately inhibited the move to the cloud and the benefits that this SMB customer could get.

To help those interested in “Moving to the cloud”, HCS Business Solutions have devised a free tool that provides a fixed cost to get you there. Our Microsoft Office 365 pricing calculator will provide you with the cost of the monthly subscription and the fixed cost to get you there.  Try it out here.

Should you require further information on Moving to the Cloud, please contact our Office 365 Sales Team on 01-8734120 or 051-595200.


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