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Moving to the Cloud, how much does it cost?

Moving to the Cloud, how much does it cost?

Moving to the Cloud, how much does it cost? This is a question HCS are often asked and the following is the answer we provide. “It depends on what you mean by moving to the cloud.”

“Moving to the cloud” is such a broad statement that could mean Private Cloud or Public Cloud.  Without getting over technical Private Cloud is expensive and usually reserved for bigger companies whereas Public Cloud is value for money (better term than cheap!)  Most SMB’s that HCS deal with opt to utilise Public Cloud.  (It’s a bit like the difference between owning an electricity station or buying electricity or why buy the cow when you can buy the cheese).

Microsoft Office 365 is a public Cloud Service provided by Microsoft (another is Microsoft Azure) that provides a suite of services such as Exchange Online (Email), SharePoint Online, Skype for Business, OneDrive for Business, Office Software (Word Excel, PowerPoint etc.) in a monthly subscription paid for on a per user basis.

From conversations with prospective Office 365 customers and industry feedback, many customers were convinced of the benefits but were very concerned about the costs of moving.  One particular prospect was being charged a monthly subscription of €31.00 to utilise the Office 365 service for email for 10 users but the cost of getting there was nearly €3,000. This cost immediately inhibited the move to the cloud and the benefits that this SMB customer could get.

To help those interested in “Moving to the cloud”, HCS Business Solutions have devised a free tool that provides a fixed cost to get you there. Our Microsoft Office 365 pricing calculator will provide you with the cost of the monthly subscription and the fixed cost to get you there.  Try it out here.

Should you require further information on Moving to the Cloud, please contact our Office 365 Sales Team on 01-8734120 or 051-595200.


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