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Windows Server 2003 End of Life – the risks of ignoring this important deadline!

Windows Server 2003 End of Life – the risks of ignoring this important deadline!

For more than a decade, businesses have been leveraging Microsoft’s Windows Server 2003 technologies and getting a great return on their investment. Technology has come a long way in 10 years helping businesses compete better in today’s marketplace. Support for Windows Server 2003 will end on July 14th next and after this date Microsoft will no longer issue security upgrades exposing organizations to security risks, downtime and data protection non-compliance and hackers are well aware of this. This is an investment opportunity for your company’s future and upgrading your aging servers and operating systems will protect your infrastructure, reduce costs and provide significant benefits that will outweigh the cost of upgrading and the risks of not doing so.


1) System downtime as you waste time fixing IT issues instead of focusing on your business objectives
2) Increased costs as you spend time fixing IT issues instead of growing your business
3) Decreased productivity as employees work to resolve IT issues instead of focusing on business tasks
4) Security holes as outdated software leaves you more open to cyber-attacks
5) Legal compliance risks as auditors can fine companies that don’t transition from unsupported software

Doing nothing is not a viable option. We believe businesses must begin planning their migration strategies now to avoid disruption. We recommend a straightforward four-step process:

1) DISCOVER: Determine which applications are running on Windows Server 2003
2) ASSESS: Categorize applications and workloads by type, importance, and degree of complexity.
3)TARGET: Choose a migration destination for each application and workload, either in the datacenter or in the cloud.
4)MIGRATE: Build your migration plan and begin the migration.

At HCS, we have helped many businesses like yours through the migration process. To help you plan and execute your migration strategy, contact our Microsoft certified team on 01-8734120 | 051-595200 to find out the best place to start in making technology a business advantage.

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